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Great Football Tips!

Football Tips 1
Know your football terms and definitions well. You should be comfortable with the meanings of terms like clipping, conversion, hitch and go, nickel defense, and wideout. The more you know the definitions, the more it takes the guess work out and it helps boost your overall confidence.
Football Tips 2
When blocking a defender, take control and drive that player in the direction you want them to go. Keep your feet moving and use them as a tool along with your upper body strength.
Football Tips 3
To improve your game, improve your physical ability. Work on your sprinting speed, stepping drills, muscular endurance, and overall agility. Train like a football pro and you'll become a pro.
Football Tips 4
Utilize football strategies. Whether they be offensive or defensive, having strategies in place can propel your team forward. Examples of proven strategies are the shotgun, the run and gun, and the power football.
Football Tips 5
Winning a game of football is only half physical. The rest is mental. Remember that. Work on your head equally as much as you do your body. Practice mental exercises and positive thinking.


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